Caleb Danladi Foundation Collaborates with the Kaduna State Contributory Health Management Authority (KADCHMA).

In a groundbreaking move towards enhancing maternal and child healthcare in Kaduna State, the Caleb Danladi Foundation has forged a strategic collaboration with the Kaduna State Contributory Health Management Authority (KADCHMA). The announcement follows a productive meeting between the Foundation and KADCHMA’s Director General and management team.

The focus of the collaboration is to address the pressing healthcare needs of mothers and children in rural areas, where access to quality healthcare services can be limited. As part of the initiative, Caleb Danladi, the founder of the Caleb Danladi Foundation, has committed to enrolling 100 women for a pilot scheme set to take place in various locations across Kaduna State.


The pilot scheme aims to provide essential healthcare services to pregnant women and young children, with a specific emphasis on reducing maternal mortality rates. By leveraging the resources and expertise of both the Caleb Danladi Foundation and KADCHMA, this collaborative effort seeks to make a meaningful impact on the lives of women and children in underserved communities.

Expressing his gratitude for the partnership, Caleb Danladi stated, “We are thrilled to work hand-in-hand with KADCHMA to address the healthcare challenges faced by mothers and children in rural Kaduna. Our joint efforts will play a pivotal role in improving access to quality healthcare and reducing maternal mortality in the state.”

The Director General of the State government Agency, Abubakar Hassan gave the commendation Monday when the founder and CEO of the Foundation, Mr. Caleb Danladi Bako, paid him facts finding mission visit with the view to complement the government efforts.

The DG said “We’re happy with Caleb foundation’s CEO today who has come on fact finding mission visit to support what government is doing and compliment the effort of government in community in Kaduna state in health care services.

“We’re glad that the well to do and kind hearted individuals are coming to give back to the people in the community, in helping the government to reduce maternal and child mortality which is still high in Kaduna state.

“Helping to address pregnant women and child birth who cannot afford it is highly commendable. We use this opportunity to call on other well meaning indigenes of Kaduna state who are politicians, businessmen and professionals out there to emulate Caleb Danladi Foundation’s gesture.

Earlier, the Agency’s Head of Admin and Finance, Suleiman Mustapha briefed the foundation’s CEO on the working of the health scheme, adding that the health benefit package is financed from contributions made by interested individuals or family.

According to Mustapha, contribution rates for individual subscriber ranged from N10, 477 per annum (N873 per month); N57,935 per annum as family contribution (N4,820 per months) for four biological related person amongst others.
Some of the primary care benefit package includes providing package to enrollee by the primary care facilities with physical services, in patients services, diagnostic lab test among others.

The collaboration signifies a shared commitment to the well-being of communities in Kaduna State, with a focus on sustainable healthcare solutions. Both organizations are optimistic about the positive outcomes that this partnership will yield, setting a precedent for impactful collaborations in the broader context of healthcare provision.


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