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Youth Empowerment Programmes

Youth that is economically empowered are more likely to invest in themselves and their communities, become active business leaders, and represent their business interests. It is now widely accepted that there are many good reasons to promote entrepreneurship among young people. There may also be a direct effect on employment if new young entrepreneurs hire fellow youths. In this way, entrepreneurship could help address some of the sociopsychological problems and delinquency that arise from joblessness. Thus, there is a need to provide the following for the youth; • Skills training • Financial support • Business counseling • Mentor support • Access to working space • Business expansion support, and • Creating support networks, etc.

Civic Education

Societies have long had an interest in the ways in which their young are prepared for citizenship and how they learn to take part in civic life. Today, that interest might better be described as a concern – in fact,as a growing concern, particularly in democratic societies. Nigeria’s political history demonstrates that elections have been key challenges to our democratic system. Voters often fall victim to corrupt politicians who lure them with insignificant sums of money in exchange for their votes. Thousands of youths fail to take advantage of their electoral privileges because they are either apathetic or ignorant towards the voting procedure. Civic education is essential to sustain our constitutional democracy. The "habits of the mind, as well as habits of the heart," the dispositions that inform the democratic ethos, are not inherited. Civic awareness is fundamental to the advancement of human rights in Nigeria because the more youths are knowledgeable about political issues, the more their concerns and the issues that are important to them can become a greater part of the political landscape. The civic education programme is closely linked to the Foundation’s work on civil society. This program is a good step towards inducing effective changes in national legislation, justice, and social attitudes towards vulnerable groups in the country.

Eliminating Poverty through Widows Empowerment scheme

CDF is focused on empowering widows in line with its aim and objectives. Widows around the world are living in extreme poverty. A situation United Nations in 1995 defined as a condition characterized by severe deprivation of basic human needs including food, safe drinking water, sanitation facilities, health, shelter, education and information. The reduction of extreme poverty was the first Millennium Development Goal 1 set by United Nations state members in 2000. Caleb Danladi Foundation is actively working to alleviate poor widows to gain a livelihood. In order to achieve the set objectives, the foundation intends to work with volunteers, religious bodies and stakeholders. The foundation may consider collaboration with other sister organization to achieve its goal. This will assist in reaching the right people who are in need. As part of our efforts to ameliorate the plight of Indigent Widows and Orphans in our society, Caleb Danladi Foundation proposed the following initiatives: • Economic empowerment of indigent widows • Skills Acquisition & Vocational Scheme • Small and Medium Enterprises • Agric-Business Scheme • Legal Support Services • Humanitarian Activities • Shelter Program


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